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At Johnson Matthey Battery Systems we design and manufacture advanced lithium-ion battery systems tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We carry out the development work from design to pre-production prototypes and on to volume production.


  • Manufacturing Technology

    Our many years’ experience of designing and manufacturing High Voltage systems enables us to manage and deliver your custom battery solution effectively.

  • Cells imageCells

    Johnson Matthey Battery Systems uses a range of cell chemistries and is independent of all cell suppliers, choosing the most suitable supplier for the application.

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)

    We offer market-leading BMS technology for managing Lithium-ion batteries - delivering safe, durable performance.

  • Batteries imageBatteries

    Our battery packs are specified, designed and built to meet the needs of our customers' applications.

  • Our Guide To Batteries

Our Guide To Batteries