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Cells are the building blocks of batteries. A cell is a closed power source, in which energy is stored chemically. This energy is released due to internal chemical reactions, as a flow of electrons through an external circuit.


Johnson Matthey Battery Systems acts as a system integrator between customers and cell suppliers to provide customers with battery solutions tailored to their specific needs.  We take particular care over cell specification and selection, to ensure that the appropriate cells are chosen for the desired customer application.

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems advantages:

  • Johnson Matthey Battery Systems is independent of cell suppliers.  We can therefore recommend alternative options to ensure security of supply.  This maximizes customer supply flexibility and quality while controlling costs.
    • We have access to a wide supplier base, having established strategic supplier relationships with all the major international cell manufacturers.
    • Johnson Matthey Battery Systems audits all our cell suppliers frequently to ensure consistency and quality.  We also carry out independent testing of the cells, to ensure consistency and quality. This includes capacity, voltage and impedance testing.
  • Johnson Matthey Battery Systems manufactures using both primary (disposable) and secondary (rechargeable) cell technologies using all of the major chemistries - alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium and several different Lithium ion chemistries.  Our understanding of different cell chemistries, combined with our expertise in cell specification, ensures that we can find the best specification for your application.

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